REPORT: Several Dead, Others Injured In Mall Shooting Attack

July 22, 2016Jul 22, 2016

UPDATE AT 2:47 P.M. EASTERN — According to Reuters, police believe the shootings is likely part of a terror attack. They also believe more than one shooter was involved, especially with reports of shootings in both the mall and the McDonald's across the street from the mall.

Details are emerging of a deadly mall shooting in Munich, Germany. According to CNN, several people are dead and others wounded after a gunman opened fire in the Olympia shopping mall.

"People started running," mall employee Lynn Stein described. "I went outside as well; more people running outside. I think I heard more shots. Then it sounded like he went to the parking house next to the mall — several shots there."

With the gunfire moving outside, Stein escaped back into the mall where she said, "I saw ... somebody lying on the floor, presumably dead, I don't know. Or badly hurt. And there's a woman over them, crying."

Police have sent out an alert on Twitter warning people in the area to stay in the homes, indicating that the shooter may still be on the lose. Details of who the attacker is and what his motive could be have not been released.

On Monday, an ISIS-inspired 17-year-old boy attacked a crowded train in Würzburg, Germany, less than 150 miles from Munich, injuring four people with an axe and knife as he screamed "Allahu akbar!"