Report: Investigate Reveals Another MASSIVE E-mail Scandal In Obama Administration

July 13, 2016Jul 13, 2016

The Obama administration is being investigated by a U.S. Senate subcommittee for another massive e-mail scandal involving the State Department, but this one hasn't gotten much attention yet from the mainstream media.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a huge report released on Tuesday details how the State Department in 2014 gave $465,000 to OneVoice Movement, a group intent on ousting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in the 2015 election. Their efforts failed, though, and Netanyahu won an unprecedented fifth term.

Let's put this in other terms: The Obama administration used our taxpayer money in an attempt to influence the election of a strong U.S ally that they've repeatedly insulted.


But the investigation into this was difficult. Why? Because a number of important emails between a State Department official and OneVoice detailing the funding were deleted.

The Senate report states that, “The State Department was unable to produce all documents responsive to the Subcommittee’s requests due to its failure to retain complete email records of Michael Ratney, who served as U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem during the award and oversight of the OneVoice grants."

In his own defense, Ratney said he deleted the e-mails due to space concerns that his inbox was getting too full.

A source told the Free Beacon, “The Obama administration had the money, skills, and personnel to build a gigantic campaign infrastructure that was used to try to defeat the prime minister of an ally. But apparently they didn’t have what they needed to store the emails in which they did all of those things. That’s certainly a lucky break for the State Department.”

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