Report: Chuck Norris Stole Votes from Roy Moore in Alabama

December 22, 2017Dec 22, 2017

You may not have realized it, but actor, martial arts master, and conservative commentator Chuck Norris entered the highly-watched Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama earlier this month. Or, rather, he was entered into it.

Amidst the sexual misconduct allegations lobbed at Moore and the exposure of Jones’ pro-abortion stance, some voters found themselves unable to vote for either man. So what was their solution as they stared at the two names in the ballot booth? Writing in a third choice.

Some chose to write in Luther Strange — who President Trump and many other Republicans supported in the Primary — and others voted for Rep. Mo Brooks or got onboard Ret. Marine Col. Lee Busby’s late campaign train. Another group of voters decided to throw their ballot to the wind and scribble in the name of the person they truly wanted to take U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacated seat, regardless of whether that person was even running for election.

According to the Associated Press, some people voted for God. Others voted for His Son. Former Alabama governor George Wallace got some votes, despite the fact that he died almost two decades ago.

But being alive wasn’t a candidacy pre-requisite for the voters who wrote in Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and, interestingly enough, the “Ghost of Stonewall Jackson.” Other voters also wanted to make a statement, writing in “A better choice,” “Any other Republican,” “Anybody.”

Chuck Norris and Bugs Bunny got write-in votes, too.

Over 22,000 people wrote in names in Alabama instead of checking the box for Moore or Jones, and the Jones ended up defeating Moore by 20,715 votes. That means the write-ins could have doomed the election for Moore.

Norris actually endorsed Moore back in August before the allegations against Moore came out, according to The Washington Times.

Back then, Norris said, “Judge Roy Moore is the real deal: He’s tough, tested, and has a spine of steel. The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can. Judge Moore has never backed down from standing for what is right, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the U.S Senate. That’s why the Washington establishment is spending millions trying to defeat Judge Moore.”

At the time, Moore replied, “Chuck Norris is exactly the kind of guy you want on your side,” calling Norris “a very good friend, very good man, very good patriot.”

What do you think of this? In other news, a missing 14-year-old that was the subject of an Amber Alert has been rescued after police say she was abducted by a convicted sex offender.

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