Report: Active Shooting On University Campus; 8 Hospitalized

November 28, 2016Nov 28, 2016

UPDATE AT 12:47 A.M. EASTERN — Not all the victims were shot, according to the Associated Press. Some students were stabbed and at least one was hit by a vehicle. Ohio State University has confirmed that the suspect is dead.

There are multiple reports of an active shooting on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, according to Fox News.

Up to eight people have been hospitalized, and there are some unconfirmed reports that the shooter is dead. Other reports indicate the shooter may still be active.

The school sent out a Twitter alert around 10 a.m. Eastern this morning, telling students to "Run Hide Fight." Campus police reiterated the warning, advising students to remain sheltered in place if they were far enough away from the shooting.

Student Harrison Roth posted a photo of a classroom door barricade with school desks and wrote, "I'm safe in a barricaded room. If you're on campus, get in a room and stay safe."

Ohio State University has 60,000 students enrolled. Please pray for the safety of students, faculty, and first responders!