Repo Man Takes Elderly Couples Car Then Does This...Now They Blame It On God.

November 23, 2016Nov 23, 2016

This Thanksgiving, many people have lots to be thankful for.  One couple is especially grateful after receiving a surprise from a not-so-complete stranger, their repo man. 

Jim Ford, co-owner of Illini Asset Recovery, is in the business of repossessing vehicles from people who fail to pay their debt.  When he came to the account of Stan and Pat Kipping, he knew it would be a different repo.

“You know, it was just one of those repo's,” Ford told Fox 2.  “My grandparents are gone, but you know - I could see them in the Kippings.  I knew what was going on.  The cost of their medications have doubled or tripled, and I know that's happening to everybody.  I knew why they were behind.”

Ford was in a tight spot.  He had a job to do and in fact, did repossess their car.  It's what he did after that shocked the Kippings, and the world.  Ford went to the bank and paid off their car.  He then cleaned it up, detailed it, and returned it to them in time for tomorrow's Thanksgiving holiday.

When asked about the deed, the Kippings turn to God to thank Him for blessing them with their new friend, the repo man.

The world needs more people like Jim Ford.