Remember Brio Magazine? It’s Coming Back, And It Has A ‘Duck Dynasty’ Connection

April 19, 2017Apr 19, 2017

Many Christian women and girls growing up in the 1990s and 2000s will remember Brio magazine, Focus on the Family’s wholesome alternative to Teen Vogue and Seventeen.

Now after printing its last issue in 2009, it’s making a comeback in May, according to NPR.

Many young readers enjoyed the magazine’s fashion advice, music reviews, and advice columns.

Former reader Laura Turner, now 31, says it spoke “a lot to me as a young teenage girl trying to figure out how to make sense of and apply my faith in a world where not everyone shared that faith. And although I probably now would look back and disagree with or have questions about what I read, I also did really enjoy reading it."

Now in an era of declining magazine sales, Focus on the Family is bringing it back under the same name and is featuring a “Duck Dynasty” star in its first new issue.

Sadie Robertson, the 19-year-old daughter of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson, is on the front cover and has a story about her faith, family, and friends.

Sadie is the subject of a best-selling book “Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values.“

Focus on the Family is confident that there is still a strong market among conservative Christian teenage girls for a print magazine.

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