Remember That Time ‘Trading Spaces’ Glued Hay To The Wall?

Everyone loves a good show about home improvement, but what if the remodels go terribly wrong? TLC reality series Trading SpacesThe viral video is currently trending on TikTok, as viewers express horror at some of their crew’s more bizarre design choices. 

What is the best way to glue Hay to the Walls

One TikTok featured clips from an episode that showed unsuspecting homeowners a room with hay stuck to the walls. Yes, that’s right: actual hay glued on the walls. 

Apparently, within 24 hours, the homeowners’ baby was “gagging” on the hay, which took five people 17 hours to remove from the walls. While this seems pretty bad, it’s definitely not the worst Trading Spaces Room viewers have seen. 

From Horror-Themed Kitchens to Beach Rooms

When one family appeared on the showThey were given a room decorated with beach-cabanas. You think that sounds great! That’s not the case when the beach theme is complete with sand piles all over the floor. Another homeowner was given a giant self-portrait of the show’s designer, Hildi Santo-Tomas, on their dining room wall. 

Other participants on the showWalls were covered with flowers and CDs. Others have received rooms with all-white or black paint jobs. One of the most bizarre paint jobs? One room in which the designers used paintballs to create a polka-dot effect. 

Some of the design choices are quite scary. One family returned home to find a horror-themed kitchen. A “bloody” tarp was hung up on the walls, with a coffin-shaped spice rack completing the terrifying theme. 

Think it couldn’t get any weirder? Don’t think so. One family was given an “upside-down room,” which is exactly what you think it is. Santo-Tomas hung all the furniture — including lamps and carpets — from the ceiling. 

Doing Exactly What They Weren’t Supposed To Do

These design choices may seem bizarre, but homeowners are often surprised when they find a normal room. The reason? The designers do exactly the opposite of what homeowners ask. 

From removing beautiful wood fireplaces, to painting rooms the exact shade the homeowners request, the Trading Spaces Crew has a knack of doing the wrong thing. One family’s carpet was ripped up, leaving them with a concrete floor. Problem? They had small children; toddlers and concrete don’t really go together. 

Although the show was cancelled in 2008, it has been revived and spun off many times. The show was relaunched in 2018, and went off-air the next year. TLC launched an online version of the show at the same time. Trading Spaces: We’re BackTo continue the revival.

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