Wildlife Hunter Missing, New Discovery Points to Fatal Crocodile Attack

November 09, 2017Nov 09, 2017

Last Friday, wildlife hunter Scott van Zyl was on a routine hunting safari. The professional hunter often organizes trips for foreign clients and is known for some debatable practices, including hunting elephants, lions, and other exotic animals.

While on his latest safari in South Africa, the 44-year-old went missing. The hunter was on the bank of the Limpopo River at the time of his disappearance.

According to The Telegraph, Scott van Zyl was last seen with a Zimbabwean tracker and a pack of dogs. Reportedly, the two men left their truck and began walking in separate directions through the bush.

While the tracker and the dogs all returned to the truck, van Zyl never returned. Most of his belongings were left in the vehicle.

For the last several days, rescue teams searched all around the area on foot and with helicopters, utilizing both trackers and divers. The only main clue that was discovered up to this point was his backpack, which was discovered near the bank of the river.

Now, Sakkie Louwrens, a member of one of the rescue teams, believes that van Zyl was attacked and eaten by two crocodiles. He said that after the suspicion arose, police and nature conservation services decided to shoot the two nearby Nile crocodiles and look what was inside.

He said, “We found what could possibly be human remains in them.”

Thus far, there has been no confirmation that these remains belong to van Zyl. Forensic experts are currently conducting tests in order to make that determination.

While crocodiles typically feed on fish, antelope, and zebra, there have been at least 3 other cases of people being killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe in the last month alone.

Please pray for van Zyl’s family, as he had a wife and two children. In other recent news, Carrie Underwood delivered a performance of a lifetime in honor of the Vegas victims. Watch the video here.

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