Religious Freedom Is Leaving America - Here's The Sad Proof

July 12, 2015Jul 12, 2015

The recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage has far-reaching consequences for Christians.  America is going in a direction that is opposite of God and the Bible, which means that if you want to stand for your faith, you might have to sacrifice your job.

You might say, "But America has the freedom of religion!  The freedom of speech!" But as the old adage goes, "Actions speak louder than words." And the actions of our justice system for these 4 people say that we are rapidly losing our freedom of religion and speech.

1) Linda Barnette: As a county clerk for the last 24 years, Linda would now be forced to marry same-sex couples, something that goes very deeply against her religious beliefs.  She chose to resign, saying "I choose to obey God rather than man." You can read more of her story here.

2) Kelvin Cochran:  Kelvin served for 34 years, both as a firefighter and a fire chief in Atlanta, even being appointed by President Obama as U.S. Fire Administrator.  When LGBT members found a devotional book he wrote for his church that talked about God's plan for marriage, they complained and he was fired by the mayor. You can read his incredible statements on the matter here.

3) Aaron and Melissa Klein:  Aaron and Melissa, owners of a small family-run bakery in Oregon, have been issued a crippling fine of $135,000 because of their refusal to participate in a same-sex wedding ceremony. They've been forced to close their storefront, move their business to their house, and install a security system due to vandalism and death threats.  Meanwhile, Oregon is awarding the $135,000 fine to the Lesbian couple for "emotional damages".  Read more about their story here.

Does this look like a country that is still holding onto the freedom of religion and speech?  Sadly, the actions of our government are speaking louder than the words in our Constitution.  

What should we do?  How can we stand with our Christian brothers and sisters?  We would love to hear your thoughts!