Religious Discrimination Strikes Again. High School Students BANNED From Praying At Graduation

June 01, 2016Jun 01, 2016

The systematic destruction of religious values, freedoms and beliefs in America continues. Due to one complaint from an atheist who feels it is their place to ruin religion for everyone else, Pottsgrove High School seniors will not receive an invocation or benediction at their graduation.

The controversial decision was made last year, but according to The Mercury News the decision wasn’t reveled until recently. “Last year’s was much more specifically religious than anything I had heard at Pottsgrove before,” Superintendent Shellie Feola said. “I myself was kind of taken aback by the prayer.”

The invocation that Feola described offended exactly one person. For that reason, the school district stopped the practice entirely. “After we researched it, I informed the board in August that we could no longer allow the invocation and benediction,” Feola said. “However, it should be noted that there is nothing that prevents the senior class from organizing a baccalaureate ceremony the night before.”

It appears that just as the transgender bathroom agenda is being forced upon the entire country, people in positions of authority are bowing to a small vocal minority in spite of what the overwhelming majority of people want.