Red Hen Restaurant Finds Itself in the Middle of a Political Firestorm After New Voicemail Discovered

June 25, 2018Jun 25, 2018

The Red Hen Restaurant has quickly become the center of a political firestorm. With each new tweet and comment directed in favor of or against the restaurant, the controversy broadens.

On Friday night, June 22, according to USA Today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders entered the restaurant with friends and family but was asked to leave not long after sitting down.

The reason was because she was a member of the Trump administration. But according to Mark Dice, the Red Hen is opposed to serving any person associated with the administration, including Trump supporters. Listen to the tweet from Dice playing a voice mail recording of the restaurant:

Several well-known persons, including President Trump himself, have weighed in on the issue. Trump has called the restraint “filthy,” while Maxine Waters, reported NBC News, has called for members of the Trump administration to be harassed in public. 

Those who believe the Red Hen did the right thing have come out in support of the restaurant, voicing their opinion on Twitter as well:

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