RECORD Wave Of Deaths In One City Highlights HORRIBLE Truth

December 20, 2016Dec 20, 2016

Russia’s Investigative Committee has just determined why 58 people suddenly dropped dead in Siberia’s largest city in what is being called “the worst such case in modern Russian history.”

37 additionally people recently became ill in Irkutsk, some stricken with blindness, according to BBC News.

The cause? Drinking bath oil.

The question of what drives people to drink lotion leads to the horrifying truth that up to 12 million Russians consume after shave lotion, perfume, window cleaner, and antifreeze because they contain some amount of alcohol.

Economic woes have led some Russians to go to extreme measure to get alcohol in their systems.

But in the case of this particular “cheap alternative,” the results were especially deadly. Investigators discovered that the illegally produced bottles of bath oil bore the label “ethyl alcohol” but actually contained lethal doses of methanol instead, which can cause blindness if it doesn’t kill you first.

Very sad.