Recall Issued for 1.25 Million Vehicles After Dangerous Software Glitch Found

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May 16, 2017May 16, 2017

Seat belts and airbags are designed to keep drivers and passengers safe, but they won’t do any good if they fail the moment your vehicle rolls over.

That’s the problem Dodge is dealing with due to a widespread software glitch.

According to NBC News, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — the parent company to Dodge — is recalling 1.25 Dodge Ram pickup trucks worldwide due to poorly designed onboard software that can keep airbags from deploying and seat belt straps from locking up during a rollover crash.

Fortunately, Ram owners can know if their vehicle has that issue if they get a warning on their instrument panel.

The recall affects the following 1.02 million Ram pickups in the U.S.:

— 2013-16 Ram 1500
— 2013-16 Ram 2500
— 2014-16 Ram 3500

Fiat Chrysler plans to notify owners of the recalled vehicles and start making free repairs late next month.

There has been at least one reported death and two injuries linked to this problem. The company was hit with a lawsuit after one of those crashes last December.

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