Reba and Other Country Stars Praised For What They Did At ACM Awards

April 16, 2018Apr 16, 2018

On Sunday night, country music stars gathered together for the annual ACM Awards. Viewers were quick to notice the absence of one particular thing that seems to characterize so many awards shows: left-leaning politics. 

According to reports, viewers have been praising Reba McEntire for putting politics aside during the awards show. If fact, during the opening monologue, McEntire did not take a shot at President Trump or at politicians in general but rather poked fun at herself. 

"I first hosted this show in 1986," she said. "To put that in perspective, not only was [singer] Kelsea Ballerini not born, her parents weren't even dating yet." 

IJR points out that politics has come to dominate most awards shows, including the Country Music Awards, where many attendees believe they have an obligation to use their platform to advocate for social and political causes. Apparently, viewers of the ACM Awards were happy to see a break from the usual political commentaries given by attendees of the awards. They were, in other words, happy to have a break from 2018's bitter politics. 

IRJ provides the following tweets.

On April 13, USA Weekly ran a story explaining why McEntire would purposefully not use the awards show to talk about politics and the current state of America. 

“This year the idea is to have fun. There’s a lot of political things you can address, stuff going on in the world. That’s not our theme; our theme is to have fun, not to be mean, not to be catty, just to have a great night of entertainment, great music, seeing everybody and introducing new music,” she remarked.

McEntire apparently wanted the night to be positive and uplifting for viewers, adding that people had been approaching her and requesting this kind of approach to hosting. 

“It’s going to be a fun night … I want it to be positive and uplifting and so does everybody at the ACM. They first came to me and said, ‘Our theme this year is fun. Let’s go have fun.’ I said, ‘Absolutely, I’m for it.’”

McEntire took the stage with Kelly Clarkston at the show, one of her close friends and family members. 

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