Reality YouTube Star Publicly Apologizes for Posting Video Showing Suicide Victim

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

With the rise of social media, nearly every aspect of life is being publicly examined. On the video platform YouTube, some users have become world famous influencers for their videos.

One of the most famous YouTube sensations is a young man named Logan Paul. He is followed by millions of people and known for his goofy videos and blogs. However, Paul is making headlines today after a terrible decision he recently made.

While filming in Japan, he decided to visit a Japanese forest that is known for suicides. Each year, people flock to the forest to kill themselves. The problem has gotten so bad that teams of people actually do a. "Sweep" of the forest each year to remove dead bodies from inside.

Paul was there with his film crew and friends when he stumbled upon a dead body. Along with his friends, Paul made light of the incident and was actually joking and laughing, despite saying how sad it was. The video, which has since been taking down by YouTube, unloaded on Paul.

Now, he is issuing an apology. In a tweet from his official account, Paul apologizes for his poor decision and says he had actually intended to raise awareness for suicide.

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