Reality TV Star Arrested For Domestic Abuse

October 04, 2017Oct 04, 2017

A 2-time contestant on the reality TV show "Survivor" is being charged with battery after hitting her boyfriend in the face. Apparently, the hit occurred in the middle of a heated argument between the couple. 

Kat Edorsson was arrested early Saturday morning at an apartment Complex by the Orlando PD. The arrest occurred after cops responded to a battery call.

Police reports indicate that Kat and her boyfriend were arguing in the lobby of the apartment complex, where the security guard witness her strike him on the left side of his face.

According to TMZ, cops claim that the boyfriend didn't retaliate. Not only that, he didn't even want to press charges. However, because she was the primary aggressor in the situation, according to witnesses, she was arrested anyways. 

Edorsson is facing a dating violence battery charge.

She appeared on "Survivor" seasons 24 and 27. 

While on "Survivor," Kat was quickly typecast as a fun-loving young girl. 

Although she may have been a carefree goofball to her tribe members, Kat has actually had a traumatic history of heart-related health issues, including two open heart surgeries. 

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