Beloved Father on Reality TV Show Passes Away at His Home

August 01, 2018Aug 01, 2018

In recent years, reality television has become increasingly popular. The Kardashians have become infamous for their reality show that showcases their lives. Also, numerous reality shows have also appeared on major cable networks, including contest shows.

However, most people couldn't tell you the first reality show to start the trend. It was called "An American Family" and started on PBS in the 1070s. Sadly, the famous reality father has just passed away.

William Loud died of natural causes at his home at the age of 97. Please join us in praying for his family as they mourn his loss.

"'An American Family' was a television documentary that was filmed from May 30 through December 31, 1971, and first aired in the United States on the Public Broadcasting Service. The series ran one season of 12 episodes," reported Page Six.

The show was one of the first to showcase a family in their "true" day-to-day lives. It paved the way for the many reality shows we have today.

"The documentary was a cultural hotspot in its time, showcasing family turmoil and the coming out of Lance Loud, one of the family sons, who is credited as one of the first openly gay TV characters," continued Page Six.

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