According to Medical Examiner, Reality Star Died Due to Sad Reason

August 07, 2017Aug 07, 2017

In recent years, reality television shows have taken over prime time television. However, with fame and money comes difficulty.

For one former reality television star, the pressures of Hollywood and fame were simply too much. Danny Dias, a former contestant on MTV’s Road Rules, has passed away.

Many people assumed Dias may have taken his own life. When his body was found, reports stated that he had lacerations on two different areas of his arms. Some people assumed he had tried to commit suicide by bleeding to death.

However, a new report from a medical examiner is saying otherwise. In the report, the examiner says it appears he did not die from suicide. There were also no major traces of drugs in his system.

Even so, it appears drugs did cause his death. The medical examiner said that his extreme substance abuse over the course of many years made his body simply shut down. In essence, he died of natural causes created by his prolonged substance abuse.

Dias was only 34 years old. He is the latest reality star to die young after receiving fame in Hollywood.

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