Read All About About Danica McKellar’s Husband, Scott Sveslosky

Wonder Yearsstar Danica McKellar’s husband, Scott Sveslosky, is the famed Hallmark actress’ perfect match. McKellar was uncertain when she first met her husband Mike Verta. Sveslosky and McKellar’s love couldn’t be denied, though, and the couple tied the knot just two years after they first met. 

Love at First Sight

After her divorce from Mike Verta, who she married in 2009, the last thing on Danica McKellar’s mind was romance. According to Hallmark’s beloved Hallmark star, it took her around a year and half to find love again. with Closer magazine that she’d needed the time to focus on herself and regroup. “I wrote in my journal, trying to understand what’d happened – I found that to be healing – and I moved in with my mom for two years.” 

McKeller gained perspective from that time and soon found herself on dates. She spoke about meeting Scott Sveslosky for the first time. with Us Weekly, explaining, “I had been divorced for two years when I met him. And I was just starting to date, and I was being set up.” She confessed that she was unsure, recalling, “I was like, ‘I don’t know about this.’” 

The moment she “saw him sitting there at the table,” however, everything changed. “I knew. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is the person I’ve been dreaming about my whole life,’” she gushed, noting that though this was the first time she’d seen Sveslosky in person, she’d spoken on the phone with him a few times. “I knew he was a gentle soul, amazing — he was just all there. I could just feel his energy and I was blown away.” 

The couple quickly developed a relationship. McKellar said it was “love at first sight” for McKellar. “I knew I loved him almost instantly, and we were saying ‘I love you’ on the fourth date,” she stated. “Sometimes when you know, you know.”

McKellar’s intuition was right. They knew within a short time that they were the right match. Sveslosky proposed to McKellar in 2014. They married in November of that same year in a ceremony McKellar described as “magical.” 

Though the happy day had originally been plagued by delays and other small calamities that inevitably happen on wedding days, McKellar’s hope for an unforgettable trip down the aisle came true. “We were trying to time it so that the sun would come up as I was walking down the aisle. And then of course there were delays when we were getting ready,” McKellar explained in the press room at the 2014 American Music Awards. 

“I was really concerned, but it turns out there was a layer of clouds right at the top of the mountains, so it also delayed the sun,” she continued. “And as I was walking down the aisle, the sun came up. It was incredible. It was absolutely amazing.”

Sveslosky was a good match for McKellar in more ways than one. Both were parents to children from previous relationships and were open to the idea of a blended family. “We each brought a child into our marriage—Hunter’s 14, and my son Draco is 8. We’re raising them alongside each other. As their friendship grows, they just have so much fun and play together. What a blessing!” Despite their similarities, the spouses have some differences that no doubt help to keep their marriage fresh and interesting. 

They live very separate lives

Danica McKellar’s career as an actress has continued in the years that followed her beloved portrayal of Winnie cooper from the Wonder Years. She now enjoys success with Hallmark, where she’s starred in several popular movies, many of which are holiday-themed. While her husband Sveslosky is currently a lawyer, it would not surprise anyone to learn that the 45-year-old was a former model. 

Although they live different lives, they are clearly very in love with one another. Love like this doesn’t come around all that often, which is why we’re so happy McKellar was courageous enough to take the plunge again.