Raven Gates Talks About Me-Time, Self-Care With Bio-Oil

Caring for yourself as a mother is just as important as caring about your baby. Experts agree that post-pregnancy self-care shouldn’t be optional; it’s vital to boosting your mood, giving you more energy and keeping you healthy, inside and out. Raven GatesShe gave birth to Gates Zev Gottschalk with her husband Adam GottschalkJanuary 2022

Gates speaks out about the importance of me time in her life as new mom. “I feel like I took self-care for granted pre-pregnancy, and then during pregnancy, I did self-care in order to feel comfortable from the aches and pains of carrying around a large belly,” she says. “Now, my self-care is all about connecting with myself again.”

Start with quiet moments
A healthy, uncluttered breakfast can set the tone and tone for the day ahead for new moms. Gates prefers to start her morning with some personal time. “I love waking up early in the morning before the baby rises and having a cup of coffee as the sun comes up,” she notes. “It gives me a moment to reflect and have gratitude for this precious time in my life.”

Press Play and Chill
Music therapy is a great way to increase mindfulness and avoid burnout. Gates uses music to boost her mood, and to help her feel calmer. “One of my favorite things in the morning is to put on music. I have a ‘morning vibes’ playlist that includes lo-fi music and jazz,” she explains. “It’s a simple way to enjoy myself while getting the day started.”

Love Your Skin
Pre-bed skincare routines, just like any other form self-care, can help moms unwind. Gates uses this me-time for relaxation before going to bed. “Bio-Oil is part of my nighttime self-care ritual. It’s soothing and is something I use just for me,” she says. “It feels great on my skin, and I go to bed feeling like I did something good for myself that day.”

Because stretch marks and scarring are a natural part of every woman’s motherhood journey, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is the perfect addition to any new mom’s post-partum, self-care kit. The formula is safe for all skin types and clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks through a powerful hydrating blend of plant oils, vitamins and antioxidants.

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