Rapper Shot and Killed While Outside Restaurant in Atlanta

August 07, 2017Aug 07, 2017

A rapper who had previously bragged about being shot in the past has officially died. Unlike previous encounters, the rapper was shot numerous times outside of a restaurant and his wounds proved to be fatal.

Yung Mazi, a 28-year-old rapper, was outside of a pizza shop in Atlanta when he was shot. He had previously survived a shooting only 8 months before this.


“Mazi, whose real name was Jibril A, died of multiple gunshot wounds outside Urban Pie in the Kirkwood neighborhood of his hometown Atlanta on Sunday evening,” wrote The Sun.


According to reports, Yung Mazi had previously bragged about being invincible by saying, “God made me bulletproof.” He claimed people wanted him dead because of his success and flashy lifestyle during a prior interview.

Police have yet to apprehend a suspect, or suspects, in the shooting. At this time, they are still pursuing all possible leads.


Mazi was a father of two children and had previously signed with the record label BWA. His fans and fellow musicians took to social media to share their condolences after learning of his death.

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