Prayers Needed: Republican Senator to Travel for Specialized Surgery

January 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019

Republican Senator of Kentucky, 56-year-old Rand Paul, is reportedly traveling to Canada for specialized surgery. The news of his upcoming surgery broke on Monday, January 14th. Although an official surgery date was not released to the public, the surgery will be performed sometime in January, according to The Hill.

The surgery comes as a result of an attack that occurred in 2017. As previously reported, Senator Paul’s neighbor, Dr. Rene Boucher, lost his temper and physically assaulted the Senator over debris being left near his property.

The Senator received several injuries following the incident, but the scheduled surgery specifically addresses a hernia issue.

In 2018, Paul updated the public on his condition, "I still have pain every day, all day...I had the pain of 1,000 knives for about six weeks. I could barely move and barely breathe. I couldn't sleep. And so I am better than I was, but I won't say I'm back to normal yet. But I am getting better."

Boucher was sentenced to 30 days in jail, as well as one year of supervised release, reported CNN. Some reports suggest he will also take financial responsibility for Paul’s surgery.  

Ahead of his surgery, the Republican Senator is receiving a lot of flack. Since Paul previously criticized universal healthcare, several mainstream media stories implied he was a “hypocrite.” However, others pointed out that Paul chose a private hospital, where the payment will be out of pocket.

Politics aside, the Senator is need of prayers as he preps for surgery. Please join us in praying for him.

In other breaking news, three young kids were found dead in a freezer. Please pray for their family members, as well!