High-Profile MSNBC Reporter Accused of Deceiving Viewers, Left Out Key Details of Anti-Trump Story

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

The “Fake News” media is in full swing again as one high-profile reporter from MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, conveniently left out key details in one of her anti-Trump stories. Maddow, 45, is widely recognized for her segments targeting President Trump’s family and his administration.

In her most recent attempt to bring down the Trumps, Maddow reported on Don. Jr.’s blocked phone calls. Initially, people had reason to believe that the calls were between Don. Jr. and his father regarding the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

However, according to Fox News, Don. Jr.’s name was cleared after official phone records were released. It turns out that he was actually having phone conversations with longtime family friends.

Following the news, several mainstream media outlets reported on Don. Jr.’s innocence. But, Maddow failed to mention this detail of the story to her viewers.

“In his rambling response, [Adam Schiff, D-California] not only didn’t indicate the reporting that it was not a father-son phone call, he implied that the open question remains to be investigated. At no point does Maddow tell viewers what the ‘new reporting’ actually was. Maddow says ‘this is not MSNBC’s reporting,’ but she doesn’t [say] whose reporting it is. For the record, it was CNN. And ABC News. And the New York Times,” a media watchdog named Caleb Howe pointed out.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Maddow has not responded to this new report. Please stay tuned for additional details.

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