Racetrack Owner Draws Surprising Connection Between Phil Robertson, Bruce Springsteen

April 13, 2016Apr 13, 2016

You might not see a lot in common between "Duck Dynasty's" staunchly conservative, Christian patriarch Phil Robertson and LGBT-advocate and musician Bruce Springsteen, but the president of Texas Motor Speedway does see a connection.


According to SB Nation, Phil Robertson drew ire from leftists in his public prayer at Saturday's NASCAR event where he spoke about the importance of the Bible, guns, and electing a godly man to the White House.

But the racetrack's owner Eddie Gossage easily defended him, saying, "He said what he felt and believed and there are a lot of people that agree with him and a lot that disagree with him. Nowadays, you cannot say what you think because of political correctness. So I guess everyone has a right to free speech or nobody does."

He immediately illustrated that by drawing a connection to musician Bruce Springsteen, who very publicly protested North Carolina's new bathroom bill that reaffirms that people in the state must use public restrooms that correspond with their biological sex rather than their "gender identity."

Evans said, "Bruce Springsteen cancels his show in North Carolina on his viewpoints and a lot of people agreed with him and a lot of people disagree with him. I defend Bruce Springsteen's rights to take his position and, if you do that, then you've got to defend everybody else's, too."