Raab says government are ‘fighting crime’ ahead of Sue Gray report release

Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab has confirmed that No 10 are set to publish Sue Gray’s report into lockdown gatherings a No 10 and Whitehall “as soon as possible” once it has been received.

Raab also said following the full report’s publication, Boris Johnson will address the House of Commons on the matter.

Throughout Operation Hillman, 126 fixed penalties were issued for violations of Covid-19 regulations across Whitehall & Downing Street.

Prime minister Boris Johnson and Rishi Unak were fined in April for their participation in a Cabinet Room birthday celebration in 2020.


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Speaking to Times Radio following yesterday’s conclusion of the Met’s “partygate” investigation, the justice secretary said: “We await the Sue Gray final report. The interim report has been received and the Prime Minister has taken action on it.

“The minute we get the final report we will publish it as soon as possible and the Prime Minister said he will come to the House of Commons and take questions so that we again have that additional tier of transparency and accountability.”

Quizzed over whether he thought officials mentioned in the report ought to be named, Raab argued that this is “a matter for the police and for Sue Gray.”

“Again, I think it is really important, I have said this all along, allow those independent processes to come to their conclusions in the right way,” he went on.

When pressed on whether namechecking individuals would benefit transparency, Raab explained : “With the greatest respect of course if it is a politician or a minister that already happens.

“Whether it is right in relation to civil servants I think is a question for Sue Gray and the Metropolitan Police.”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast later, Raab was keen to stress that the government was “getting on with the job”

“I think he [Boris Johnson] has been clear in relation to things that happened at No 10 Downing Street, mistakes were made and lessons have been learned,” he stated, adding: “ from the interim Sue Gray report to now he[Johnson]A number of actions have been taken to revamp No 10, staff changes and similar.

“We are getting on, whilst we await the final Sue Gray report, he is getting on with the job, the Government is getting on with the job on Ukraine, on the cost of living, on fighting crime.”