Here is the Bizarre Way the Queen of England Eats Bananas

July 28, 2018Jul 28, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II, the present day Queen of England, is often recognized for her sense of class. She dresses in the most elegant fashion attire, always exercises her highest manners, and keeps the Royal family running smoothly.

According to a recent report from The Sun, the Queen even eats her bananas with class. The Queen’s former footman, Paul Burrell, revealed some of Queen Elizabeth’s eating habits — one of them being the unusual way she eats bananas.

Unlike the majority of us who peel a banana and eat it with our hands, the Queen has a very different approach to eating the tasty fruit.

“To eat a banana properly in society or at a dinner party...this is how the Queen does it,” Burrell began.

“You split open the belly [cutting off the ends first]…Now you cut it up into small bite size pieces and then you eat it…with your knife and fork,” he added.

Some royals fans found the way she eats her bananas very bizarre. Many couldn’t get over the fact that she doesn’t eat a banana with her hands.

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