It's a Very Special Day for the Queen of England for 2 Reasons, Royals Fans Celebrate

June 02, 2018Jun 02, 2018

Saturday, June 2nd marked a very special day for Queen Elizabeth II — the present-day Queen of England — for two reasons. The Royal family shared the exciting news with the public via social media early Saturday morning.

1. The Queen’s 65th Coronation Anniversary

On June 2nd in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned during her coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey where more than 8,000 guests attended, according to the Royal family’s official website. Following her ceremony, she addressed large crowds at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal family also shared details about the Queen’s crown, the Imperial State Crown, from her Coronation Day. According to the Royal Collection Trust, the elegant crown consists of a combination of Gold, platinum, silver, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, spinel, pearls, velvet, ermine, and 2,868 diamonds.

See a close-up shot of the beautiful Royal crown below:

2. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

On June 2nd 2018, the palace also announced the winners of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Her highness created the award in 2002 to “recognize outstanding contributions made to local communities by groups of volunteers.”

Royals fans celebrated with the Queen from afar. Many wished her a warm “congratulations” on her special day.

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