Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince Charles To Strip Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Of Their Titles

The royal family is still rocked by Prince Harry Meghan Markle’s decision to move to America. One report says Queen ElizabethIt is now telling Prince Charlesto take their titles. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Strip Harry and Meghan’s Titles, Now!’

According to Woman’s DayElizabeth is growing increasingly angry at her grandchildren’s use of their titles. Markle has written letters to Congress and called government officials to complain about Markle’s title. This has caused a lot of backlash. Elizabeth is finally open to the public.

A source exclusively reveals, “The Queen doesn’t want to be the one to strip them of titles — it’s not fair that it could be one of her final legacies and she doesn’t deserve to have it end on that note.” Out of this cowardice, she’s ordering her son Charles to do the dirty work. The source concludes, “She’s told Charles that if he thinks it’s the right move, she supports him doing it. She’s handed most of the powers to him as unofficial regent as it is.”

Will Harry and Meghan lose their titles?

Gossip CopThis story has been repeated 100 times. Every week, another crummy outlet proclaims that Harry and Markle will lose their royal titles, yet they’re still the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This story is hypocritical. It starts by claiming everyone wants the Sussexes to lose their titles, but ultimately says it would colossally rock Elizabeth’s legacy. This means that Woman’s DayBy attacking Elizabeth as a cowardly, the tabloid acknowledges how controversial such an act would be. The tabloid therefore understands why Sussexes will always be the Sussexes. It wants to attack some royals.

For what it’s worth, Elizabeth almost certainly isn’t bowing to any public pressure. Harry and she are still close. He even named his daughter in her honor, so she‘s got no beef with them. Prince Andrew can retain his title. Prince Harry cannot. It’s literally his birthright.

Other Royal Stories

This tabloid claimed Prince Charles once kidnapped his grandson Archie to save Harry and Markle. This story was not proof that he did. Woman’s DayThinks of the Duke & Duchess Sussex.

Harry and Prince William are also not at war, contrary a Woman’s DayCover story. Markle never threatened to make a documentary on Princess Diana and extorted royal family members. These stories are hilariously false. Elizabeth isn’t making her son do her dirty work, so this story is false.

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