Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral: 2 Military Members Collapse

A royal risk. Troops were warned to take precautions so they wouldn’t collapse during Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral — but the solution wasn’t foolproof.

The monarch, who died earlier this month at age 96, was laid to rest on Monday, September 19, first being honored with a procession from Westminster Hall to London’s Westminster Abbey. Prior to the hour-long ceremony in the historic chapel, military personnel were reportedly told to consume one packet each day of salt for a week. To increase their electrolyte intake, they were also advised to add salt to their meals.

2 Military Members Pass Out at Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Despite Being Instructed to Increase Salt Intake
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Despite their best efforts two of the nearly 6,000 U.K. Armed Forces personnel involved in the funeral proceedings fell on Monday as they made it to Windsor Castle after the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

Days before the funeral, a royal guard passed out while watching over the queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall, where it laid in state. As mourners waited to pay their last respects to the longest-reigning monarch of Britain, the incident was captured live on a stream on Wednesday, September 14. One guard was seen moving back and forth as security stood near the casket. The guard then fell to the ground. Officials raced to his aid and the broadcast was cut short.

Later that same day, the queen’s cousin Lady Gabriella Windsor also appeared to faint while visiting Elizabeth’s coffin. Her husband, Thomas KingstonAfter she fell, he helped her get up.

Elizabeth’s funeral was attended by her four children — King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew Prince Edward — whom she shared with the late Prince Philip. The foursome marched behind their mother’s casket as it traveled from Westminster Hall via gun carriage. Prince William and Prince Harry also participated in the procession, with the latter of the queen’s grandchildren wearing a morning suit instead of his military uniform.

2 Military Members Pass Out at Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Despite Being Instructed to Increase Salt Intake
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As the service came to an end, the royal family and other attendees exited Westminster Abbey as Elizabeth’s coffin was loaded onto a hearse. Charles, 73, was seen saluting the casket as the troops loaded it into a waiting car. William, 40, was also present. Harry, 38, didn’t make the same gesture.

When he and Meghan MarkleTheir senior royal duties were to be ended in 2020. Ahead of the funeral, Buckingham Palace announced that Andrew, 62, would be granted an exception to don his uniform during a vigil in his late mother’s honor despite also being stripped of his military titles amid his sexual assault lawsuit. Harry was not given the same permission.

“[Prince Harry]Throughout events honoring his grandmother, he will be wearing a morning suit. His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully ask that focus remain on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,” a statement from Harry’s spokesperson read days before the palace backtracked its decision.

The Archewell cofounder, who served in Afghanistan in 2007, sported his official uniform on Saturday, September 17, while standing guard over Elizabeth’s coffin with his older brother and their cousins. For Monday’s funeral, Harry simply had his medals pinned to the lapels of his jacket.