PUTIN Releases New Year's Statement, Snubs This World Leader!

December 31, 2016Dec 31, 2016

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, recently extended his well-wishes for the upcoming year in his annual New Year's statement. Putin gave his seasons greetings and congratulations to many various foreign leaders, both current and past. 

He also directly spoke about President-elect Trump and the bright future relationship. However, he left out one notable leader; United States President Barack Obama. 

Relations between Putin and Obama have been tense in recent days. In communications with Obama about the U.S. sanctions against Russia, Putin directly expressed his New Year's greetings to him and his family while condemning Obama's actions. 

Putin expressed his thoughts by saying:

"It is regrettable that the Obama Administration is ending its term in this manner," said Putin. "Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family."

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel like Obama has tainted his presidential legacy in his final weeks by going after Russia? 

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Happy New Year from Faith Family America!!