Putin Gives President Trump an Unexpected Gift, Trump Reveals He Will Pass it On to His Son Barron

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

On Monday, July 16th, U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin held a joint press conference following their one-on-one meeting in Finland. Amidst the political discussions, Putin unexpectedly handed Trump a gift.

“Now the ball is in your court,” Putin told Trump as he handed him a soccer ball — referencing the United States hosting the famous World Cup event in 2026. Russia recently received the championship title for this year’s World Cup against France.

As President Trump took the ball in his hands, he responded, “Thank you very much. We do host it and we hope we do as good of a job.”

“That’s very nice. That will go to my son Barron. We have no question,” he added.

He then tossed the ball to his wife First Lady Melania Trump: “In fact, Melania — here you go!” Melania gladly accepted the ball with a smile.

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