Pusha T Recalls Time Gucci Mane Cursed Him Out

Pusha T reminisces about a time Gucci Mane cursed him for not collaborating.

Gucci reached out to Pusha and asked him to collaborate. Pusha agreed to let Gucci send the track.

“I’m in the studio for a few days. I get the song finished. I call Gucci. “Gucci, I got it!” Boom-boom. Are you ready?”

Pusha continued, “He never sent me no email, right? So, I hit him back. He was like, “Oh, my fault.” […]Dawg, he never emailed me that email, right? I called him, but he didn’t return my call. I’m just going about my day, my business, whatever. I get this text. ‘This why I don’t be f*ckin’ with industry n*ggas.’ Listen, [Gucci Mane] cursed me the f*ck out.”