Public Outraged Over Cameo Role by O.J. Simpson in Sacha Baron Cohen Movie

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

After O.J. Simpson’s release from a Nevada prison last October, it seems he is desperate to find anyway he can to pay off the $70 million he still owes from a civil case he lost involving the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Those murders, which occurred in 1994, turned into a day-time drama as the trial dragged on for months. He was ultimately acquitted of their deaths. The judge who decided the civil case, held in 1997, thought otherwise, and forced Simpson to pay his share to the bereaved families.

The 2007 armed robbery that he was put in prison for led to a sentence that lasted 9 years. Since his release, he’s been staying in a $1.5 million mansion loaned to him by a friend. Job prospects may seem hard to find for the former NFL star.

But according to The Daily Mail, Sacha Baron Cohen has offered him $20,000 for a cameo role in his next comedy. And the reaction from public is steeped in anger.

According to Fox News, a lawyer for Goldman’s father, Fred said, “Paying money, cash no less, in secret to O.J. Simpson is 100 percent unadulterated sleaze...This is nuts. O.J. is eternally beyond redemption or forgiveness, but putting money in the hands of another is penance by other means. If [Cohen's] movie is O.J.'s pot of gold, send us the check."

Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown, told The Daily Mail, “Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered. This is not a joke, nor is it entertainment.”

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