Iranians Release Sailors After Public Humiliation

January 13, 2016Jan 13, 2016

Iran today released the 10 American sailors whose boat had inadvertently strayed into Iranian waters.  When the sailors were first captured, they were forced to kneel, give up their weapons, and raise their hands behind their heads -- all for what was clearly an innocent mistake.

Iran, not being content with capturing the sailors and humiliating them, decided to release to international news media the picture of the sailors being forced to kneel. Perhaps Iran is forgetting the fact that the US is about to release tens of billions of dollars to them under the latest agreement. Or, perhaps they are supremely confident in the fact that the current US administration will overlook any provocation in its eagerness to conclude the deal with Iran.

It was agreed by the US Navy and Iran that the boats had strayed into Iranian waters by accident, possibly following damage to gear of one of the boats. The good news is the 10 sailors were returned unharmed today, following an unwanted overnight stay in Iran.