Pro Trump Singer Calls Out Hollywood Liberals

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

Joy Villa, pro Trump singer, has been making major headlines since she wore the “Make America Great Again” dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards earlier this year. Since then, she continues to express her support for President Trump in public appearances and on social media.

Villa appeared in an exclusive interview with Fox News on Friday, August 11th. During her interview, she called out the liberals in Hollywood.

She stated, “You never hear from the celebrities who are actually pro Trump, only the ones who are anti Trump. These guys say the same thing— they hate him no matter what he does. He could walk on water and they would say ‘Trump can’t swim’.”

The Fox News host on “Mornings with Maria” pointed out that conservatives get bullied by the anti Trumps. Watch a clip from the interview below.

Fox was correct about Trump supporters getting bullied; singer Joy Villa has even experienced it herself after she recently received death threats. What do you think about Joy Villa standing up for her beliefs and calling out the left? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. Thank you!

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