Protestors Outside Democrat Convention Burn American Flag, Then THIS Flag

July 27, 2016Jul 27, 2016

The American mainstream media spent the evening last night fawning over Hillary Clinton making history as the first female nominee of a major political party — even though the Left keeps telling us that gender doesn't matter. Meanwhile, they turned a blind eye to the worst of the chaos outside.

According to the Jerusalem Post, left-wing protestors outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia burned not only American flags but an Israeli flag as well while chanting "intifada," an Arabic cry for rebellion.

Pro-Bernie Sanders supporters also cursed Hillary and burned their pro-Bernie posters, probably in protest over Bernie's insistence that his fans vote for Hillary despite the fact that a Democratic Party leadership plot was just uncovered showing a concerted effort to make sure Bernie never had a chance at being the presidential nominee.

A reporter for the Wall Street Journal, one of the few U.S. media sources to give the protest much attention, said close to 2,000 angry Bernie supporters demonstrated at the convention, some of them carrying signs like "Hillary hates democracy."

Sadly, mostly only Israeli and conservative media outlets focused on that while U.S. news sources stay trained on the message of unity inside the convention hall.