Prophetic Leader Compares Trump To Samson And Hillary To Jezebel

October 18, 2016Oct 18, 2016

Ringing in from Jerusalem, charismatic speaker and business leader Lance Walnau shared his thoughts on Trump's recent lewd comments scandal and the American Christian response. He said in his 7 minute video that Christians were "missing God" in the overall plan of what's happening with Trump. Walnau believes that while the Devil's plan was to expose and bring Trump down, God is using the scandal to humble Trump in order to use him for America's good. 

Walnau reminds his listeners of Peter, who was most powerful to preach after he was humbled by his denial of Christ. He warns that Christians are being easily manipulated by the media who wants to bring Trump down and instead put an extremely corrupt Clinton in power.

Walnau compares Trump to Samson and Clinton to Jezebel. "God can do more with Samson than with Jezebel," he says. While Samson had some major character flaws, God still used him mightily. Jezebel, on the other hand, was completely devoted to wickedness (especially the sacrifice of children), and God did not use her. Walnau believes the difference between Trump and Hillary is that Trump is carnal but Hillary is being motivated by complete darkness. He believes there will be repentance from Trump.

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