Proof That Pro-Life Prayer Is Powerful

February 17, 2016Feb 17, 2016

Something supernatural is happening in Florida. And may it be a testimony to us all.  So many of us see the atrocity of abortion and think: "What can I do to stop it? The GOP won't even legislate against it!"

But Christians in Florida are proving that there is something far more powerful than legislation: the Holy Spirit. Live Action News reports that numerous abortion clinics are closing in Florida--and there is direct correlation to people consistently praying and witnessing to potential abortion patients outside the clinics. 


"Just this year, two Florida abortion facilities – WomanCare in Orlando and Planned Parenthood of Winter Haven – have closed. [Sidewalk counselor Michele Herzog] reports that WomanCare was evicted at the end of January. Last year on Good Friday, she and a group of pro-life women went inside the facility and prayed that it would close permanently. Although staff was in the building, no one knew the pro-lifers were in the waiting room until they left," reports Live Action. 

But the most notable is the potential closure of a notorious late-term abortion center. James Scott Pendergraft was infamous in Orlando for his extreme tactics to get women to abort their babies. He would offer discounts and Sunday appointments and advertise to women late in pregnancy to get their business. He had even been sued for unsuccessfully aborting a baby who was left with severe disabilities. Pro-lifers had seen other women being taken by ambulance after their procedures at his clinic.


But it was a recent drug charge that might do him--and his clinic--in. Live Action reports: "The State of Florida is threatening to close an Orlando abortion facility owned by notorious late-term abortion provider James Scott Pendergraft, who owns five abortion centers in Florida. Pendergraft was arrested in October of 2015 for possession of drugs after being stopped for speeding in South Carolina. As Live Action News previously reported, at the time of his arrest, Pendergraft was also found to have in his possession surgical implements that were covered in blood and human tissue from abortions he had illegally performed throughout South Carolina."


So many faithful Christians have been praying and standing outside his clinics, offering help to women and praying for the closure of these clinics. Above is John Barros, who has been faithfully praying and ministering outside Pendergraft's clinics. And now it looks like God is closing them in numbers, hearing the prayers of His people.  “This abortion empire needs to come to an end,” Michele Herzog said.

Will you pray that Florida shuts down these facilities? There are 5 owned by Pendergraft that are under consideration. Let's see the move of the Holy Spirit and a great victory for God! Post your prayers in the Comments! Thank you so much!