Prominent Member Of Trump Administration Just Resigned

May 30, 2017May 30, 2017

Mike Dubke has just announced his resignation amid a growing concern the Trump administration is facing. The news comes as the President is reportedly considering a  larger personnel shakeup to confront the growing scandals weighing down his administration, according to Politico.

Dubke is a veteran analyst who privately resigned during a meeting with President Trump on May 18. Dubke reportedly offered to stay through the President's first foreign trip to help with transition ease but the President accepted his resignation immediately, according to reports.

Watch the video below for more information about this major White House shake-up.

Dubke announced he is planning to return to the Black Rock Group. The Black Rock Group is his communications and public affairs firm.

At this time, the White House has yet to announce a replacement for Dubke. Dubke also issued a statement about his resignation to his coworkers.

“The reasons for my departure are personal, but it has been my great honor to serve President Trump and this administration. It has also been my distinct pleasure to work side-by-side, day-by-day with the staff of the communications and press departments. This White House is filled with some of the finest and hardest working men and women in the American Government," he wrote.

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