Professor: Having More Than One Child Is Worse Than Crying 'Fire' In A Crowded Theater

November 21, 2015Nov 21, 2015

You have no moral right to have more than one child. At least according to Bowdoin College philosophy professor Sarah Conly, who has denounced China's recent overturning of its decades-long one-child policy.

According to Campus Reform, Bowdoin believes that encouraging or allowing people to have more than one child will "cause devastating harm" to the environment through overpopulation.

She writes in an opinion piece in the Boston Globe that “It is clear that having more than one child is just something that none of us — Chinese or American — has a moral right to do. [At] this point, uncontrolled fertility, is likely to have worse consequences than the false cry of ‘fire’ [in a crowded theater].”


Conly wants to China to go back to its one-child policy, or at least, discourage couples from having more than one child by imposing tax penalties for each additional child.

She also demands that religions change their beliefs in order to encourage fewer children and promote all forms of birth control.

For those of you who want more than one kid? She assures you that you "can live happy, fulfilled lives with just one child."

Campus Reform points out that Conly has written books and articles that, not surprisingly, say things like “it would advance our goals more effectively if government were to prevent us from acting in accordance with our own decisions” and praise New York's "nanny state."

Frighteningly enough, Conly is also teaching a course in moral theory and bioethics. Among her topics, she questions individual rights, discusses physician-assisted suicide, and talks about the justifiability of terrorism.

If given the chance, what would you say to her about the views she's trying to spread?