Professor Defends The Electoral College In The Face Of Liberal Outrage

November 16, 2016Nov 16, 2016

After Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the presidential election, liberals are scrambling to change the entire election process. 

Over 4 million Clinton supporters have signed a petition demanding that the electoral college go against the election results and award the presidency to Hillary Clinton. The petition argues that since she won the popular vote, history and tradition should be abandoned.

In addition to liberals demanding that America remove the voting system that they loved just four short years ago, California Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation in an attempt to dismantle the electoral college.

Professor Larry P. Arnn strongly disagrees with any attempt to replace the electoral college system. In an appearance on Fox, Arnn argues that if the election were left solely to popular vote, the presidency would always be chosen by a handful of large liberal cities.

Listen to Arnn’s strong defense of the electoral college system…

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