Professionals Speak Out on Tiger Woods’ DUI, Offer Surprising Insights

May 30, 2017May 30, 2017

After Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest early Monday morning, reactions from fans, and from those who are critical of his behavior on and off the golf course, have been far and wide. Two-time golf major champion John Daly, and NFL veteran Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson spoke out Tuesday, offering their perspective on Woods’ dilemma.

“You wonder if (Woods) is addicted to the pain pills,” said Daly in an interview with The Daily News. “Knowing Tiger, I doubt it. One, he’s too mentally tough, and two, I wouldn’t think he would be. But who knows? Nobody knows but Tiger.”

Woods was found by Jupiter, Florida police in the early morning hours of Memorial Day and failed virtually every drug test they gave him at the scene of the incident. He was arrested and taken to jail. His subsequent mug shot has gone viral. Woods later issued a statement stating that it was not alcohol that caused the impairment; rather, a combination of drugs that proved too potent for his judgment.

Daly himself is a recovering alcoholic. He added, “I hope he’s not addicted (to pain medication). I can’t quit smoking cigarettes. Thank God I never did cocaine. They said cocaine, smoking and pills are the three most addictive things. That’s what I learned in rehab. I hope he’s not addicted, because that’s a tough thing to get off of.”

Henderson has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in his past. He openly admits to getting high on a daily basis during a large portion of his tenure in the NFL.

“When I saw the picture (of Woods), I said, ‘Man, I know that gaze.’ I’ve looked at myself in the mirror with that gaze,” Henderson said in an interview with The Daily News. “I feel bad for him. I know he’s got a tight circle of people around him. But I’d love to have a tough conversation with him one-on-one.”

In 2009 on a golf outing with Woods, Michael Jordan and Fred Couples, Henderson, opting to caddy, was helping Woods find his ball when they discovered that they had a similar connection in a mutual friend. Henderson gave Woods his number, but never heard back from him.

Daly reached out to Woods as well, but has not heard anything in response. Both Daly and Henderson told The News that they are hopeful that Woods will get the help he needs. The 41-year-old has struggled with back issues and off-the-course indiscretions, and has not won a major since 2008.

“I just want (Woods) to know we all care about him and love him and respect him for what he’s done for the game of golf. Can I help Tiger Woods? No. But can I give him some encouragement? Yes,” said Daly. “Hopefully this will pass. I just want everybody to go easy on Tiger. I’m tired of people bashing him. He’s the greatest player I’ve ever played with in his era.”

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