Production Company Announces Breaking News Death of Reality Star

July 26, 2017Jul 26, 2017

Half Yard Productions, the company responsible for producing some of the greatest television shows currently on cable, has just made a heartbreaking announcement. After a long battle with health issues, the star of their current production has passed away.

"The Last Alaskans" is a show on Discovery channel that has captivated audiences by highlighting the way resourceful people live off the grid in Alaska. One of the main individuals highlighted on the reality series, which is a true life series, was Bob Harte.

The production agency announced on their Facebook page that Bob has tragically passed away. Similar posts popped up across social media as fans and producers mourned his death. Hundreds of people posted about their love for the show, and for their favorite personality, Bob.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bob Harte. He was an amazing individual with a heart of gold. We were very fortunate to have been able to get to know him and share his story with the world. You will be deeply missed, Bob. Bob Harte, 1951-2017,” read the statement.

Please watch the video below. It was taken as Bob battled with health issues that forced him to leave his beloved Alaska. The monologue he gives to describe his desires to see America is truly poetic and will bring tears to your eyes.

What do you think about this? Were you a fan of the show? Let us know your comments and thoughts on our Facebook page. Please join us in praying for his family and friends during this time of mourning. To learn about a famous celebrity who recently passed away due to shocking circumstance, view our other article here.

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