Pro-Life Couple from Viral "We Will Adopt Your Baby" Photo Receives a Miracle

February 14, 2019Feb 14, 2019

Recently, an amazing story went viral online. After the horrible news in New York that increased abortion support and legislation, one young couple decided to do something to help.

"Blake and Sarah Thomas, one of the couples who expressed their interest in adopting a baby on social media, told Liftable, a brand of The Western Journal, that they have been “so overwhelmed by what God has done and is doing” since they posted their plea," according to Western Journal.

They took a photo while holding a sign that told expectant mothers not to abort their baby. The Christian couple said they would adopt the child!

"So when the New York bill was passed earlier this month, they felt motivated to make it known that abortion isn’t the only answer. Sarah said, 'We wanted to put a face to adoption and help women realize there is another great option available to them," wrote WJ.

They have been so open with their faith and their hearts for adoption. Now, it has been revealed that a woman who was thinking about abortion has actually contacted them! It truly is a modern day miracle that demonstrates the magnitude of faith and God's word.

“God has given us a love for orphans and we are willing to open our home and our hearts to as many children as God sees fit to give us!” said Sarah.

“Our prayer is that Christian’s would come together to support and love these mother’s instead of making them feel shamed or guilted for considering abortion,” Sarah shared. “So many families would be willing to adopt or help these mother’s keep their babies, but unless the mother’s know it many will choose the only choice they feel is available to them."

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