Pro-Gay Ad Backfires, Humiliates Major Airline

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017

LifeSite News reports that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has produced a Twitter ad intended to pay tribute to a Gay Pride event currently taking place in Amsterdam. The ad, however, ended up backfiring. 

The ad reportedly shows three sets of seat belts. The first set consists of two female ends, the second consists of two male ends, and the third consists of a male and female end. The male and female ends are the only ones opposite of one another and hence are the only ones that ‘click’ together to form a workable seat belt.

The ad intends to say that any three of these marriage unions are perfectly valid perfectly equal with one another. With the three shown together, the airline is essentially saying, “any three of these are acceptable to us.” But critics have humorously pointed out the obvious: that only the man and woman ends form a workable seat belt.

Only the male and female ends, because they compliment one another, are able to protect passengers from harm. By having two female or male ends, the two belts will not connect, and therefore do not provide the protective service of a real seat belt. Only the male and female ends can ‘click’ into one another, and therefore protect passengers.

According to LifeSite, one commentator humorously responded: “Fly Royal Dutch Airlines, where your only chance of surviving a crash is buckling up the heterosexual way.”

In all seriousness, however, Christians seem to be growing more and more alone in their opposition to same-sex marriage. Even major companies are now able to "come out" in defense of same-sex marriage. In fact, same-sex marriage is so popular that it actually helps some companies with marketing. Perhaps, then, one of the best things we can do is pray – both for the conversion of our nation as well as for those people we know who feel same-sex attraction or are in a same-sex marriage.

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