Pro-BLM Magazine Publishes Proclamation: 'All Cops Are Bad'

September 26, 2016Sep 26, 2016

"All cops are bad."

That is the conclusion of Michael Harriot, writing for black publication The Root, which is also an ardent support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In his piece entitled "Maybe There Are No Good Cops?" Harriot uses some bewildering logic to try to explain that it is impossible for a police officer to be a good police officer because every single one of them is complicit in the murder of black people.

He argues that because every officer pays dues to their union, and because the police unions are quick to defend officers who shoot and kill black people, then every cop is guilty.

Harriot also appears to believe that America's over 1 million law enforcement officers operate under some sort of hive mind and share the same opinion, as he writes, "It is difficult to believe that there are good cops who genuinely want to protect and serve but who also stay silent when fellow officers with predilections for racism or violence are not called out on the carpet."

He also called police officers members of the KKK.

"There are men in white hoods who never light crosses on lawns or tie nooses around necks," he writes, "but if you see them in uniform, you just know they’re Klansmen."

Harriot concludes by saying it is not the responsibility of anyone in the black community to believe that cops are not all corrupt, racist murderers.

"Maybe all the people who wear police uniforms aren’t black-hearted villains," he writes. "It would be too easy to say that. But it is not incumbent upon black people to believe the caveat thrown in our faces that 'not all cops are bad cops.'"

This, folks, is the sort of dangerous indoctrination that only serves to worsen race relations in America.