Pro-Athlete Pastor Warns of Martyrdom to Come for Christians over LGBT Movement

October 09, 2018Oct 09, 2018

Many have seen the writing on the wall for some time, but few have been bold enough to address it head-on: the battle over what healthy marriage and sexuality is will come to a boiling point for Christians.

That what Pastor Gavin Peacock of Calgary Grace Church in Canada predicted last weekend. The English born former professional soccer player spoke at a conference on Saturday given by The Angel Church about sexual ethics and culture.

Addressing the palpable tension being ushered in by the LGBT movement, Peacock said, "They say, 'we hold to Scripture on these things.' And we're not just wrong then for holding to scripture, we're unloving and we're illegal."

Peacock stressed the word "Illegal" and explained: "You study the history of Christian martyrdom. They were murdered, they were killed, not ultimately for being Christians, though we know that's the reason behind it, but for being enemies of the state." Peacock continued, "the way it's going on these issues...we will become enemies of the state."

"The pressure will come your way, it's coming your way, it has come your way. It will increase," he warned. "How will you respond?"

Peacock spoke out of Jude 3, explaining that all Christians are called to contend for their faith, regardless of how specialized they felt in the field of apologetics. "Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people," he shared from Jude.

"It is not an option," continued Peacock. "You must do this if you are a Christian. To get out of contending, you must get out of the Triune God. Contending is not about being gifted, it is about being called. If you're called, then you contend. And you must contend."

The conference's powerful event description had a prophetic element, detailing the pinnacle issue Christians are facing today in the stand for their faith: "The early church contended for truth over Christology. The Reformers contended for truth over soteriology. Today we contend for truth over anthropology – what it is to be human: distinctly male or female created in the image of God and all that this entails."

Already in our nation, we have seen examples of Christian business people shut down or fined egregiously for refusing to honor same-sex marriage through their craft. And the Christian Post recently reported, "In March, a nondenominational Canadian street preacher named David Lynn was arrested and detained for more than 20 hours on the accusation that he was making homophobic statements."

Upon his release, Lynn said, "I am passionate about igniting and uniting the global body of Christ for the evangelistic mandate, and I want to bring the message of salvation to the entire world, keeping the focus on Christ and spreading God's love and forgiveness found in Jesus."

Keeping the focus on Jesus and His love is paramount. But what will happen to us when the culture demands we commend same-sex marriage and the transgender ideology being taught to our children? Will we conform? Or will we stand?

And what may happen to us if we do stand? Do you think Peacock's words ring true? Might we have to face very serious consequences for standing for what we believe? Share your thoughts in the comments! We want to hear!