Secret Video of Prince Harry and Meghan's Private Moment Leaked Online, Immediately Taken Down

May 23, 2018May 23, 2018

The Royal wedding was a major event. It captivated people from around the globe and drew thousands of people to England to watch the ceremony. Many of the invited guests were also well-known celebrities.

Each guest was said to have received a seven-page etiquette booklet prior to the wedding. In the rules, it strictly said the guests must "surrender" their phones. However, not everyone abided by the rules. Many celebrities posted photos and videos of themselves at the event.

On social media, the hair stylist for Meghan Markle's best friend leaked secret images that were never supposed to go public. Rachel Renna, the stylist, took video of the exclusive and private wedding reception! She shared the clips on her social media account.

"Shot by Jessica Mulroney’s makeup artist Rachel Renna, the short Instagram clip shows Meghan Markle’s close friend mingling with other guests before heading to the second royal wedding reception," reported Fox News.

"This article is ridiculous. Jessica left her phone in her hotel room during the wedding ceremony (I was in that same room) and only had the opportunity to repost any images upon her return hours later," wrote Renna online.

The reception was said to be a blast! Many guests have since commented on what a fun time they had at the party to celebrate Meghan and Prince Harry!

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Also, please join us in praying for the family of the Hollywood movie star that just took his final breath. He was famous for being in western films.

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