Prisoners Murder Guards, Then Escape Near This City

June 13, 2017Jun 13, 2017

On Tuesday morning in a rural area southeast of Atlanta, Georgia, two prison inmates overpowered two guards while traveling on a prison bus, then fled into the surrounding area. Authorities are not sure where they were headed, according to The Washington Post

The inmates were traveling on a prison bus on State Route 16 in Putnam County. Twenty-seven inmates were aboard. The pair of inmates wrangled weapons from the correctional officers, then executed them.

“They then disarmed them and one of the subjects shot and killed both guards,” said Howard R Sills, Putnam County sheriff, in a statement.

The incident occurred around 5:45 a.m. The inmates confiscated the guards’ guns, .40 caliber Glock pistols, then carjacked a green 2004 Honda Civic, heading west toward Eatonton, said Sills.

Both inmates were being held at Baldwin State Prison, a facility about 100 miles southeast of Atlanta. The Georgia Department of Corrections has identified the inmates as Donnie Russell Rowe, 43, sentenced for aggravated assault, and Ricky Dubose, 24, sentenced for armed robbery.

After shooting both correctional officers on the bus, the inmates flagged down a man in a car and then forced him out of the car, driving off in a green 2004 Honda Civic.

Offers urge anyone who sees the two men to avoid making contact with them, and to immediately contact police by dialing 911.

See the video here:

Please pray for the correctional officers’ families, and for the safety of the residents near Atlanta.