Principal Resigns After He's Caught Stealing Drugs from School Nurse's Office

October 31, 2018Oct 31, 2018

Parents across America send their children to school on a daily basis while trusting that school officials will act in a professional manner and treat their children with respect and kindness. Sadly, one principal has just been busted for something terrible.

Michael Flick, the principal of Great Valley High School in Malvern since 2012, is now facing charges of theft and possession of a controlled substance, according to Fox News. He has reportedly just resigned after he was caught stealing drugs from the school nurse's office.

“I encourage anyone dealing with these issues to reach out for help,” a statement attributed to him read, that was obtained by and sent home to parents by the district’s superintendent. “May our students view my experience as a reminder that seeking professional help is always the right decision," the letter added.

The news is said to be a huge shock to the school and the community. The police began investigating the incident after the nurse reported she was missing over 90 pills. The principal confessed to stealing them through the course of that investigation.

"This news comes as a tremendous shock to our school community, and there are many details that we are not able to share," Great Valley School District superintendent Regina Speaker Palubinsky said in an email to parents.

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